Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Chance for Unreleased/Old Lelia Music
Oh Hey! I am assuming you are here because you read on my newsletter that I have a very limited window of putting out for sale my old unreleased music as well as my old studio records. I am in the finals of the Rolling Stone Contest and after a few weeks, I will no longer be in a position to offer up my unreleased music or my old records (Louisiana Soul, (lil-yah), Rise, Waiting on the 9, and Masquerade will probably be taken off of Itunes as well temporarily. It's all about record labels and what I can and can't do, yada yada yada. Boring stuff, but anyway, see below, I have several options for the music.

Level 1 $20 Donation
  • Your prize is Digital Version of "Masquerade" and the acoustic version as well.
Level 2 $60 Donation
  • Your prize is digital versions of all of my older Studio Records (5 total)
Level 4 $175 Donation
  • Your prize is all of my unreleased music (its acoustic, live, studio tracks, etc.) and includes the song I wrote with Lady Gaga
Level 5 $300 Donation
  • Your prize is all of my unreleased music, plus a signed copy of my Rolling Stone Cover
Level 6 $750 Donation
  • Your prize is a personally signed copy (to you) of every Rolling Stone magazine that I am in during the contest, including the one when I am on the Cover! #presumptious #WINNING
  • Also, I'll hook you up with the unreleased music and all the studio tracks
Level 7 $1500 Donation
  • Your prize is going to include some merch/swag, all my unreleased and studio music, as well as 2 VIP tickets to any show in your city I have this year as well as a phone call with me
Level 8 $5000 Donation
  • Your prize is that you'll get a House Show for you and your friends, and CD's for your friends, and probably some merch for your friends, and whatever else I can think of to give you. Maybe an Ipod full of music, I don't know, we'll think of some cool shit!
Also, so listen, I know that some of you might not even have $20 to give, so if you still want to help out, just send what you can, and I'll send something your way for sure, every little bit helps, and I really appreciate all of the support and help. And don't forget to VOTE a lot! 

How it works is you pick level and then click the donate button below, or there is one up above on the right hand side. Put your level number in the instructions and I will send digital stuff right away, physical goods will take a little time. Want to add something or change something about your donation? Email us at lb524 at